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Emotions connect us to the world around us. They become memories, and over time memory reshape the places and spaces we’ve been and seen.

Feelscape captures these emotions from your face and turns them into a landscape of your memory.

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Please allow Feelscape access to your camera so that the Feelscape can read the emotions of your face.

Don’t worry we don’t store any images of your face and will ask for permission each time to use your camera.

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Your Personal Feelscape

This is the emotion of the memory of your special place captured into a landscape.

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Your Personal Feelscape


Order this unframed signed unique giclee art print 420x297mm on 305gsm Hahnemuhle paper.

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How Feelscape works

Feelscape captures your memories by using your webcam to analyse the emotions you are showing on your face. The expression is compared and rated against 6 categories of emotions — surprise, joy, contempt, sadness, fear, anger and disgust. Each expression will be made up of a percentage of all of these emotions which are allocated to 6 emotion colourways. The Feelscape Ai blends these emotional colourways based on the ratings.

We use your webcam input only to calculate the expression values. No images or video are stored on our server, and we only save your personal Feelscape to our server once you choose to purchase it. All transaction information is held by PayPal. So no email, name, address or any personal data is stored on our server.

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How Feelscape works

Please open this page in your browser. Feelscape needs the webcam and this doesn't work inside the Instagram or Facebook app.